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As an essential feature of UrbanSolPlus, all tools being produced within the project are published here.

Transfer guidelines - in order to promote the use of solar thermal systems in major renovation and protected urban areas the ‘transfer guidelines’ show how e.g. communities can adapt and transfer the following issues into their implementation instruments

Local assessment and analysis of the general boundary conditions in the participating Communities - Find classification of the available best practice experiences and models; information on existing STS management solutions in multi-family houses and definition of needs and barriers for users/investors

SWOT analysis - Despite being presented as individual cases some common lessons can be retained from the SWOT analysis regarding the integration of solar thermal collectors in buildings, namely in historically classified buildings

Integration Products – Find information about specific integration solutions, with an architectural focus concerning solar thermal collectors compatibility and harmonious integration whether in new or existing buildings.

Feasibility decision base - technical document including technical system solutions, calculation schemes and data about costs and other relevant boundary conditions.

Cooperation models – You can find here some of the best examples of cooperation between different parties in the solar thermal project preparation.

Architectural Integration in Residential Houses and Protected Buildings


Downloads -  Everything else like presentations, posters and leaflets 



Development strategies

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