Solar thermal industry

Solar thermal industries and market actors as technology suppliers and promoters can find in UrbanSolPlus solutions for better architectural integration of their solar systems. Since the project will join manufacturers with architects, engineers, installers and home owners the barriers for installing the system in protected building will be overcome, The technical know-how of ST industry is of high relevance for the advanced system and architectural integrations will be also realised.

The project aims at allowing a major diffusion of solar thermal (ST), reducing the barriers to its use in demanding situations such as major renovations and multi-family buildings located in urban and/or protected areas.


What are the real benefits for solar thermal industries?

  • removal of market barriers in a significant market sector of multi-family houses in urban context
  • awareness on the special requirements for installations in protected areas


Get more information about market developments and the acting associations:

European Solar Thermal Iinternational Federation

                        Poland: Employers Association Polish Renewable Energy Federation


EC BREC Institute for Renewable Energy, Str. Mokotowska 4/6, Warsaw, phone: +48 22 825 46 52