Local stakeholders

Local stakeholders and market actors in UrbanSolPlus concerned:

  • Energy Agencies, that have as a main mission the increase of RE installations in its city and will promote the project thanks to its links to local administration.
  • Municipal technicians, as responsible of granting working licenses.
  • Property Administrator, who might act as owner’s officer in a multi-property building.
  • Financing organizations that will support investors.
  • Renovation enterprises.
  • Promoters, who might be the main actor in a building’s total rehabilitation process.
  • Architects, who have to match Promoter’s will with local regulation and project’s will.
  • Engineers, who will design the solar system with all previous requirements.
  • Installers / maintenance companies / operation companies (ESCO), who will execute and possibly operate the solar installation.
  • Neighbors, house owners and tenants association, who will be final users and key actors for replication purposes in the territory.
  • Associations that represent the building sector, condominiums.

Since the complexity of renovation of protected building needs special actions and gathering together different stakeholders there are prepared stakeholders cooperation models that shown interesting examples how distant goups of people can work together to find the best solutions.


What are the real benefits for local stakeholders?

- increased awareness on the benefits of solar thermal energy
- possibility of use of solar energy also in urban context (and all benefits linked to this)
- future oriented business opportunities



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