Local communities

Local communities (governments and authorities) and energy agencies as initiators/coordinators of local sustainable energy development and town planning initiatives may become replicators of the project actions. Concerned authorities are of the sectors building, cultural heritage, town planning and environment.

Within UrbanSolPlus project are foreseen special activities for communities and local stakeholders. For instance they will have the necessary expertise to deal with diffusion of solar thermal plants in demanding urban situations.

Most of the partners in Consortium of UrbanSolPlus are responsible for implementing good practices defined in project in local communities.

Local Authorities (LAs) and energy agencies are directly involved in UrbanSolPlus, by guiding the concept of the action starting from their specific needs, practical implementation by replication of the proposed models.

Those who want to join the project will be involved in the consultation phases for developing project documents and outcomes.

What are the real benefits for local communities?

  • know-how on development models/instruments for ST in demanding situations in urban context
  • wider scope of their renewable heat obligations for buildings (tools and information to reduce the exemptions)
  • replication


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