STS in Urban Areas

The installation of solar thermal in buildings involves different actors, especially when referring to demanding situations, such as major renovations or protected areas. This is the reason why the proposed action is focusing on the following target groups:

  • Local communities (governments and authorities) and energy agencies as initiators/coordinators of local sustainable energy development and town planning initiatives and potential replicators of the project model/actions. Concerned authorities are of the sectors building, cultural heritage, town planning, environment.
  • Local stakeholders and market actors concerned e.g. house-owners, architects, installers, renovation enterprises, SCOs, financing organizations
  • Solar thermal industries and market actors as technology suppliers and promoters

Involvement of different stakeholders will let us to implement good practices in municipalities, companies and institutions directly or indirectly connected with the UrbanSolPlus issues.


STS in Urban Areas

Examples of cooperation models

What can you do as a local community or residential manager to launch solar thermal project and cooperate with other market players?

Some of the best examples of cooperation between different parties in the solar themal project preparation can be found blow:

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