Development strategies

Development strategies ( 5 Files )

USP makes available online five development strategies for developing and promoting the use of solar thermal in urban quarters, building renovation sector and protected areas. Development strategies are elaborated by each community partner and adapted to the specific boundry conditions, general urban development plans and needs.

Solar in Urban areas - Local situation

Solar in Urban areas - Local situation ( 6 Files )

UrbanSolPlus helps in defining barriers for solar thermal development in urban areas. It is important to asses local state of art and then propose solution. The local sustuation may be also a good example, ready to be transferred to other areas. Find out below an assesment of local situation.

Integration Products

Integration Products ( 4 Files )

Facing a more and more demanding demand on what concerns the architectural integration of solar thermal collectors in buildings, the solar thermal market industry as embraced in the development of specific integration solutions, with an architectural focus concerning solar thermal collectors compatibility and harmonious integration whether in new or existing buildings.

Some of the solutions were identified by the UrbanSolPlus team. Consult them

If you know more solutions that you would like to share with us feel welcome to contact


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UrbanSolPlus Project Guide UrbanSolPlus Project Guide

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How to foster the use of solar thermal systems in existing buildings?

What can you do as a local community or residential menager to launch solar thermal project and cooperate with other maket players?

How to find the best solution for the building undergoing renovation?


The following brochure provides information about the UrbanSolPlus project and might be helfpul to benefit from the project products and services.

Solar thermal systems in multifamily house renovations Solar thermal systems in multifamily house renovations

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The effective mobilization of such investments can only be justified if real data on the performance of these systems can be presented. Develop and successful implement new business models based on estimates and projections hinders the market to have real data, what ultimately fosters the presentation of more accurate installation proposals and business models. A strong effort in the monitoring of solar thermal systems is a sure bet not only acknowledging users’ needs, but also investor’s needs, who are available to promote and implement the adoption of new partnerships, as long as the investment side is secured with active monitoring and informative billing.

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