About Us

UrbanSolPlus is an international project of Intelligent Energy Europe Programme. The project supports and promotes solar thermal systems (ST) in major renovations in residential houses and protected urban areas.

All the local governments, investors, developers, and also tenants and owners are welcome to benefit from our work. It’s you who make the largest change in your local society!

Using our tools and solution all the renovation projects seem to be easier! Maybe you already have done retrofitting with ST so you can share with us your success story?

If you are not aware what kind of opportunities can trigger ST systems at your house, we are here to explain and teach you through various tools (e.g. guidelines, examples of the best practices) how to achieve success. We would also like to demonstrate that solar systems may be installed on buildings under protection during renovation works as they may be adjusted to old roofs and improve their esthetic value.

It is managed by six EU countries – Italy, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain, however, its character is international and we are open to work together with different stakeholders.

The project UrbanSolPlus involves the implementation of practical actions in the participating communities – studies of local boundary conditions and needs – and adjustment of suitable schemes. It will help other cities to create similar projects. What is more, defining local market needs and finding solutions are the crucial actions necessary to further develop the market.

EC BREC Institute for Renewable Energy, Str. Mokotowska 4/6, Warsaw, phone: +48 22 825 46 52