UrbanSolPlus project has ended

The project UrbanSolPlus (USP) has ended. You can access the following documents related to the project:

USP was a 3 year project that aimed to increase the dissemination of solar thermal in building renovation to be implemented in urban central areas, reducing non technical barriers to their diffusion.

Development strategies are now available!

USP makes available online five development strategies for developing and promoting the use of solar thermal in urban quarters, building renovation sector and protected areas. Development strategies are elaborated by each community partner and adapted to the specific boundry conditions, general urban development plans and needs.

Development Strategies for the local communities

Master Plans for developing the use of solar thermal

Each USP consortium community, supported by technical partners, developed one master plan for developing the use of solar thermal in one representative urban block, quarter or area. According to the specific priorities this area included typical cases of building renovation and/or cases of protected buildings

5 Master Plans for the local communities


We have just had a project meeting in Ptuj, Slovenia.

On our local websites and in "Downloads" you can see presentations about Development Strategies and Master Plans - one of the most crucial part of UrbanSolPlus project. These useful activities can be replicated in other places!

Feasibility Decision Base for Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain

A feasibility decision base was conducted for six countries: Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain, intended as reliable base of system solutions (suitable plant schemes fitting to national building types, related costs, country specific cost data for the ST plant, plant installation costs for various renovation situations, cost data for plant maintenance and operation) and resulting investment feasibility for the specific boundary conditions. The feasibility decision base accounts also for advanced and/or non standard situations and related costs as often encountered in multi-family houses renovations or in cases of protected areas/buildings.

Read more: Feasibility Decision Base for Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain

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